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Fox Glove Inc. 
To order, please call toll-free: (888) 322-4450
By mail, phone, fax or e-mail: FOXGLOVES, INC. 1250 North Avenue Beacon, NY 12508 tel: (845) 831-7300 fax: (845) 831-7301 e-mail:
Medic Alert Bracelet
Medic Alert Foundation Phone 24hrs/day – 7 days/week 888-633-4298 from outside the us FAX 209-669-2450
Solar Meter 
The The SolarMeter Model 5.7 is 100 times more sensitive than their Model 5.0 and is available directly from Solar Meter for the same $249 (USD) price. This UVA+B meter measures from 1 to 1,999 microwatts per square centimeter.
Rit® Sun Guard 
With Rit® Sun Guard(TM) Laundry Treatment, you can put an invisible shield into clothing that helps block more than 96% of the sun’s harmful rays from passing through your clothing! 
Offer a small range of protective clothing from Australia for children. Sunsuits also give a percentage of their profits to The XP Support Group. Contact : Julie Yardley 3 Norwood Cottages Fittleborough West Sussex RH20 1EN Tel/Fax : 01798-865189
SunSibility UV Protective Clothing 
Suppliers of clothing for adults and children 3 Chadacre Road Stoneleigh Epsom Surrey KY17 2HD Tel: 0208-224-0834 E-mail : Contact: Angeli Khatri